For the past few months I have been sick.

Sickness doesn’t define a person, but it certainly takes over  life. Life entirely stops and becomes the singular focus of this one invading parasite that threatens life.

People have been incredibly supportive and wonderful, but I can’t help but feel isolated. It’s reasonable to conclude that everyone in this scenario would at one point in their sickness feel this way. Watching Facebook and all of the happy people carrying on with life can be the ultimate isolator because it reaffirms the fear inside that everyone is living life but YOU.

But that started a thought process that brought me to a place of epiphany. I am not the first person to feel isolated and alone. Whether it be sickness, depression, mourning, or loss, everyone has the capacity to feel disconnected from the things that bring us feelings of bliss, harmony, joy, and life. The one thing that can rescue a soul in the dark night of despair, is relationship.

Connection is the key to contradicting the feelings of isolation.

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