#UniquelyCounty: Susanne Brown

When I was a kid growing up in the county you would think all I liked to do was eat. I remember always going down to waupoos for a drive and following the old farm tractor pulling it’s wagon load to the canner is in Waupoos. My siblings and I would wait for some of those vines to fall off that wagon then hope for dad to pull over and pick them up. We really enjoyed picking those peas from the pods and eating them for the rest of the drive. While on that drive we would stop and pick some of those grounders that had fallen of the tree as there was always a lot of apples growing in Waupoos and other parts of the County. Cheaper to get grounders then it was to pick off the tree or buy them already picked. I ember that I loved the fruits and vegetables of the county that one day while my grandparents was looking after us she had sent u to bed for an afternoon nap. As kids we got a little nosey and found her bushelp of pears that she kept in her closet to stay dark and cool. Well we desiderate to snack on those pears and took a few bites out of all of them and put them back. Boy did we learn a lesson about getting into the fruit. We got the trots real bad and I think we all learnt our lesson. There were other fruits that fell off those wagons while going to the canneries like pumpkins and tomatoes. Really missed those canneries after they closed.

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