#UniquelyCounty:Kathleen Turcotte

I’m a County girl born and bred as I say.lol My dad Don Turcotte worked at The Cement Plant. I fondly member going to town (Picton) and shopping at Lipsons for clothes shoes ,Stedmans ,Beamish,Stripe discount etc. I was in school parade when HJ McFarland would give silver dollar to participant. Great memories of picking strawberries and the smells of canning factories ,pea ones in cherry valley ,tomatoes fields , apple trees ,cherry trees and I worked in all when teen.Many sat.we spent driving to Black River cheese factory for fresh curd and cheese. Talbot st. offices had awesome Christmas display and I lalways had dad driveve by it so I could see it.The Royal was the “hot spot’s in Picton as well as Rickarton. My mom was newspaper correspondent for Picton Gazette 😃 and every fall put items in Picton fair. Picton has had many changes but it is still my hometown and I’m proud to say I’m County girl 

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