Shatterbox Theatre Strikes Gold with Art and a White Painting.

20190920_211306.jpgShatterbox Theatre has been featuring a remarkable play written by Playwright Yasmina Reza since Thursday of this week. Art, a Tony Award-winning play has been adapted for the stage here in Prince Edward County by debut director Fiona Dodsworth. Starring (in no particular order) Vivian Nickels, Roxanne Mackenzie and Mikenze Pearsoll, the story centres around the tensions that arise in a long-term friendship when one of them purchases a white painting. Hilarity ensues in this smart, quick-witted play, with subtle blink-and-you’ll-miss-it nuance and some truly dark turn-of-phrase.

The setting for this production, the Loft Gallery at The Local Store in West Lake, is a small intimate stage. The art wall is used as a back drop, and while the primary focus of the play is a gigantic white canvas on the side of the main stage, your eyes can’t help but be drawn to the other magnificent works of art featured therein. This show was the perfect way to start off the PEC Studio Art Tour.

As one of two Shatterbox Theatre productions closing out their 2019 season, Art started its 4-night run with an enthusiastic crowd, and as each night progresses the stand-out performances of each actor becomes stronger. Vivian,  who plays Simone, has a natural ability to work an audience. Her sly and wordless comedic impulses were a hit with the audience Saturday night. Roxanne, playing Yvonne, has a tremendous task of delivering a number of lengthy monologues. Her ability to turn a phrase during such long diatribes is impressive. She inspires robust applause upon the completion of her breathtaking pieces. And Mikenze is a commanding presence upon the stage as Marcia,  with her fierce way of delivering her lines with the right amount of inflection and intonation. Her character’s enigmatic personality shines through Mikenze’s powerful voice and facial expressions. These ladies are equally impressive and expressive. They have created an adaptation of this play that is timely and well-suited to this female-led theatre company, thanks in large part to the direction of Fiona Dodsworth.

20190921_205542.jpgArt plays for one more night at The Local Store, Sunday, September 22, 2019. Tickets are $20 at the door, and seats are limited. Show begins at 7pm, doors open at 6pm for a little browsing a refreshments. People of PEC highly recommends this play so bring a friend.

And next week, don’t miss Red by John Logan starring Pat Larkin and Jacob Dey,  directed by Georgia Papinicolaou. For those who have been paying attention, particularly to County FM 99.3, Pat Larkin IS Rothko and his ability to channel the character is promising to be a must-not-miss show. The season closer for Shatterbox Theatre‘s epic 2019 run is going to be an amazing production. Tickets available online through .




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