Fridays for Our Future: PEC Strikes for Climate

20190927_124047Prince Edward County came out in fine fashion today to mark the worlwide Climate Strike.

No, there wasn’t 500,000 people like in Montreal, there was maybe 100 people. But it’s the heart and determination of a people that make the difference.

The residents of Prince Edward County haven’t always agreed on topics regarding environmental issues. But one thing the majority of residents can agree on is the desire to maintain the beauty and integrity of our local ecosystem. So today, when the world took a moment to gather in nearly every city, every country, every continent, the people of Prince Edward County showed up to demonstrate that they were standing in solidarity with their global citizens. 20190927_124237-1Leaders and corporate entities alike need to listen and take heed–the world wants drastic change  in order to save the planet. It’s no longer satisfactory when they speak platitudes and empty promises. Our oceans and lakes are rising, our ice caps are melting, our planet is heating up, our animal and insect life are going extinct at alarming rates, and our natural resources are depleting–and its directly linked to carbon emissions, waste disposal practices, manufacturing processes, pesticide over-use and over mining of natural resources. Our planet has seen a major population explosion over the past 200 years and it’s only going to continue growing exponentially. Housing and food crises are going to become the norm and our planet will continue to see ever increasing demand on infrastructures and natural resources.

20190927_124202Drastic change HAS TO HAPPEN. It’s not optional. The brave and passionate few who showed up today in Prince Edward County showed their commitment to not only the environmental impact here in PEC, but also globally. Signs showing ardent support for continuing the wind turbine project in South Marysburgh were spotted throughout hand written signs made on re-used cardboard. The call for banning single-use plastics, preserving water supply, safeguarding animal habitats, and bicycles were also present. There were children that showed up with their parents, equally and enthusiastically participating, exemplifying that the youth are leading the way in demanding a better future. One girl named Suri, a PEC student, stood proudly at the front of the crowd with her sign. Her parents stood smiling behind her. Cars honked their support as they drove past, and even though ironically they did so while driving a carbon emitting vehicle, the desire to stand behind the call to action to save our planet from mass extinction is growing.

But what does any of this mean if it doesn’t inspire all of us to react, to think, to respond? Our leaders and corporate entities need to listen to us, but we need to do more. We need to speak with our wallet, with our votes, and with our continued voices asking for change.  We need to continually challenge our leaders at every level of Government. We need to write letters, and stop purchasing items at businesses that refuse to abandon single-use plastics. We have the power collectively to enact change. Prince Edward County has the power to be the change.

People of PEC was proud to be present, to take time out of the day to demonstrate how crucial it is that we take our leaders to task. No more playing politics. No more pandering to so-called super-powers. The world wants change, the world wants survival for humanity, for our animal and plant life, and for the planet.

People of PEC applauds everyone who came and stood out beside the roadway today. In the words of one commenter…”you are all beautiful humans”.


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