Everyone has a story.

Everyone has a unique point-of-view, a contribution to humanity, and a new level of connection that we need in order to advance civilization.

Everyone could be you.

This site is dedicated to chronicling the people who live and THRIVE within Prince Edward County. Not just the prominent news makers, the business owners, or the politicians–this site is dedicated to the every man and the every woman, the child who sees the world through innocent eyes, the ones who have lived through great adversity and have found contentment and joy, the ones who face hardship with dignity, the ones who celebrate the everyday miracle, and the ones we pass everyday on the street yet have a fascinating depth to their life that we never get to see. This site is dedicated to the multitude of fascinating people who differ on a wide scale who live within the close confines of the little island here in Prince Edward County.

This is a creative collective. We don’t believe in commercializing connection. This is about character for its own sake with a goal of increasing human connection versus economical growth. (We have a plethora of committees dedicated to that!)

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