#PeopleofPEC At Your Event

People of PEC has been able to tell a lot of stories over the course of 3 years.

We strive to tell stories that are relevant, inspiring, thoughtful and diverse. But most importantly, we strive to tell a story that is uniquely County. If you believe that our brand would serve your event well, please contact us and make arrangements for us to be there.

Our mission is to tell stories that exemplify the subject of the story. All stories are written with sensitivity and compassion and respect top of mind.

Currently looking for stories to tell. Some of the ideas are listed below:

  • Syrian refugees who have moved here
  • Cancer stories (our Cancer series will be ongoing as it was the inspiration for this site)
  • Cracks in the system; stories of people who have struggled through our social systems.
  • Adventure tales; anyone who has had a major experience that is too great for words. People of PEC wants to attempt to tell that tale.
  • County Legends; Anyone who has had a major influence over The County whether it be an educator, social worker, volunteer, first responder etc.

If you believe you have a story and you would be willing to have us tell it please let us know. We are open to suggestions, however, there are no guarantees we will publish your story.

Contact us through Facebook or through our contact page. A representative will respond within a couple of days.